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It used to be that spirituality and technology were spoken about and learned separately because they were seen as that - separate domains, independent spaces that did not go together.

What if we tell you that knowing both, like we do language and basic math, could help upgrade our quality of life and propel us to the future of work and living?


Gone are the days when technology is synonymous to software engineers only, and AI is limited to people building self-driving cars. 

If we want to thrive in the new world, we all ought to be technologists. 



Almost everything is now connected to cyberspace, and yet the majority of humans still live in the dark as to how this truly works. Even organizations from certain industries and parts of the world are still clueless about how to digitalize their operations, manage remote teams, and move projects forward online. Here we cover everything from basic SEO, cloud storage, and other IoT-related areas of life and work. 


The future of work is happening now. There's a high barrier to understanding what AI truly means, what happens to the jobs of humans and what kind of life we'll live in the future Earth. While AI is not exactly how  sci-fi films depict it to be, there is value in upgrading your skills into knowing the basics of AI and eventually evolving into an AI-savvy professional no matter what industry you work in. Plus there's the whole metaverse conversation. 


Spiritual gurus, yoga teachers, meditation students learned so much about the essence of our existence, caring for the body and the oneness of beings. This should not stay within the spiritual community only. We ought to democratize this knowledge if we are to remain human and co-exist with evolving machine intelligence. 

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Yoga is more than just being able to do headstands, and meditation is not about sitting still and quieting the mind. In fact, they are not these. In our virtual ashram, you will learn the real essence of yoga, how meditation is just 1 of the 8 limbs comprising the bigger school of yoga and why it ought to be a staple part of your day-to-day living. 


Spiritual arts are usually connected to healing. For the most part, this is true. While it may sound intimidating, spiritual arts is nothing more than your connection to your Self, which is comprised of the mind, body, and spirit. Here, we will introduce deeper spiritual concepts such as shadow work, mirror work, and other meaningful practices that ought to be practiced by everybody. 

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