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The New Human is Conscious and Tech-savvy

Meet Your Instructors & Speakers

Global founders, thoughtful builders, conscious creators, and soulful curators.

We work only with humans we learn from, believe in, and vouch for.

Humans who have actually built things, done the brunt of the work and filtered out the noise to serve only what truly matters in your learning journey.

No clickbait marketing or hyped-up content. 

Brilliant thinkers, doers, and builders, for the new breed of humans.

Masako Shiba

Guest Speaker: Art & Technology 

New York-based Art enthusiast.
Co-founder & CCO, web3 art & culture, ONBD
Co-founder & ED, art & tech nonprofit, BEAF
Chief Artistic Director, space startup, Spacetainment
Advisor to Japanese art platform, AND ART
ED & Board member, Japanese art nonprofit J-Collabo

200-hr. Registered Yoga Teacher

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Scott Britton

Guest Speaker: Spirituality

Author, Consciousness ∞ The Doorway to Human Evolution

Host, EvolutionFM

Founder, Guided Intuition

Senior Technology Evangelist, Salesforce

Co-Founder, Troops AI (Salesforce-acquired CRM integration platform)

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Nikita Kent

Guest Speaker: Cryptocurrency, Spirituality & Art

Co-Founder, Crypto Girls

Graduate Student, University of Tokyo Graduate School of Economics

Financial market design researcher


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Misha Yurchenko

Guest Speaker: Blockchain, Art, Spirituality & Yoga

Founder, Tokyo Mindfulness

Author, Misha's Newsletter on Substack

Life Coach & Mindfulness Coach, Misha Yurhcenko

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Caio Calado

Guest Speaker: AI, Conversation Design, Automation & Philosophy

Podcast Host, Interfaces Conversacionais

Enablement Specialist, Blip AI

Organizer, Bots Brazil 

Speaker at Global Tech events on Conversational AI and Chatbots  

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Spirituality + Technology 

This is the only place where you can learn, practice, network and discuss spirituality and technology under one roof. 

Spirit-tech, spiritual-tech - this is the new space.

We built the ashram for you to help you thrive in the new world. 

Nothing is separate, nothing is disconnected.

Nothing is taboo, no holds barred.

Everything is unified. Everything is connected. 

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