Ancient Knowledge

+ Big Technology

In Silence is a safe, virtual space to learn and practice conscious living through the merging of ancient knowledge and big technology. The aim is to use concepts, teaching, and tools from both worlds to help you build your own personal holistic wellness practice, leading to a sovereign, meaningful life that you love. We want to fix the problem of the fragmented approach to life that we got accustomed to. 

We believe that life should not feel heavy, and the different areas of it should not be separate, instead, should be whole. 

We're sharing our 360-degree approach to achieve living a life that expresses your highest potential by producing free and paid personal and professional development content, programs, and curated resources. 

Ancient Knowledge: Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other healing modalities. 

Big Technology: Internet of Things (IoT), SEO, Future of Work, AI.

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