Spirituality & Personal Practices

by Channa Silva on April 28, 2021

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I have always been interested in spirituality and seeking the truth.  I was a casual meditator and practitioner of yoga as part of my new year's resolution. But these practices were mostly done in a recreational fashion.   


When the pandemic happened in 2020, I embraced spirituality practices to cope with the negative effects of the lockdown.


Recently I co-hosted a talk online with the In Silence community over the new audio app platform Clubhouse titled “Spirituality and Personal Practices”.  


Here is what I shared during this talk.


On “auto-pilot”.  


Before the pandemic, I had an “always-on”, “on-the-go” lifestyle whether it was chasing milestones, goals at work, competing in running, and biking challenges or going out with the family, or traveling and attending concerts. I watched over 60 concerts in 2019.  In my mind I was happy, and I was living it.  


My world fell apart!


I remember when the first lockdown was announced in Manila over a year ago. At first, I took it lightly and it felt like a dystopian adventure.  But very soon things started going in the wrong direction.  More and more cases were reported, lots of events got canceled, more and restrictions on going out were introduced, and I started seeing less and less food and essentials in supermarket shelves. 


Working from home started becoming stressful, more time was spent in conference calls and the boundaries of work and home became blurred.  All the stress and no rest were pushing me towards depression.   


Go spiritual!


Few weeks into the pandemic, I got an opportunity to join an intimate zoom session with Deepak Chopra.  He explained and encouraged the use of meditation.  I started with a 21-day meditation with a virtual group of colleagues, and now I do almost daily meditation and the great thing is my family also joins me.  


When I meditate, I sit in silence and allow my thoughts to come and go without putting any effort to control them as well as having no expectations.  


Also, during the lockdown one of my yoga teacher friends offered me a few free sessions of Yoga. I tried out these sessions and I really enjoyed them. I now practice yoga twice a week.   


Meditation and Yoga helped me in so many ways:


  • I feel calmer and more focused

  • I have the ability to manage stress better

  • I feel more confident about myself

  • I am able to handle disappointments in life and manage my expectations 

  • I have a stronger and more flexible body 

  • I lost weight 


I’m grateful for finding these practices.




As things are still uncertain, the only thing we can count on is ourselves. Instead of looking outward for answers, looking inward using meditation and yoga can provide us best answers. 



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Channa Silva is a Dad, Husband, Buddha Śrāvaka, Metalhead, Smark, Biker, Geek, Founder of Metal Royalties Philippines, and Host of Channa Channa Channa VLogs.