When was the Last Time?

July 2, 2018


Breathtaking. Meaningful. Exhilarating. Selfless.


Such beautiful, priceless sensations that remain elusive. They seem hard to catch- yet they are within our reach. We have been conditioned that anything that's described these ways are for the folly, the dreamers, those who don't live practically. We have been wired in ways where we auto-function as clones of the corporate world, the rat race and the society of consumerism, superficiality and materialism. Anything breathtaking, meaningful, exhilarating and selfless are supposed to be for rare occasions of serendipity. Which almost never happens- as they say.


Well you know what? Things don't have to be dictated by some dogma created by man who have vested interests. 

Did you ever think for once in your life that you are in control of your happiness? What is happiness you say? Happiness could mean SO MANY things, starting with breathtaking, meaningful, exhilarating moments. These come from selfless acts of loving-kindness.


When was the last time you had all these happen, manifest and show up in front of you, within you? When was the last time your breath was taken away? When did your last meaningful action take place? What was the most recent event that felt exhilarating for you? If these seem too distant that you can't even remember, or too far back a time that it feels like you've gone so far forward, then now is a good time to look at how you will make all these things re-occur in your life repeatedly. These are what makes the heart flutter, the mind stop its chattering, the breath just float in mid-moment. How will you attain these states over and over again?


By working hard to be aware of every second, action, thought, words that you produce. You can be selfless first then all these second. You can be truthful first, then all these once again take place. You can be mindful first, then see all the breathtaking, meaningful, exhilirating moments shine and shower upon you. You are in control, as long as you remember these magical ingredients of life that you naturally have within you. S


Stay magical.



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