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You are Yoga


The true meaning and expression of yoga live in many places in the world. It is demonstrated in many ways, manifested in various forms. We are here to break apart the connotation that became yoga in this era- it is more than the physical poses sequenced and labeled based on physical endurance, flexibility and form: Asana. Yoga is more than that.

We shall leave you with a teaser, as our initial blog offering.

Yoga is a state.

It is attained, arrived at.

Yoga is not done. It is a place where only you can go to, at your own time.

Everything else is a tool, laid out in a path that only you can find with the help of your people, your spirit guides and your guru.

In fact, you don't need to find Yoga- you only need to re-member- as Yoga is You.

More to come, yogis.

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