In Silence Divine Feminine Series

August 17, 2021 | 4-minute read

For the third installment of our 3-part series of conversations, we continue to honor the divine feminine energy that circulates all of existence. The feminine body, the womb, the nurturing and creative essence of the Mother, the Woman, the Shakti. We aim to gather wisdom from conscious women to inspire people to start their own conscious project or business in the fields of technology or spirituality (or both).

RG, or Astig Vegan as she is popularly known, is the author and chef of the blog who has become widely known for her delicious, veganized Filipino dishes. What started as a blog grew into a compassionate vegan movement that many new and seasoned vegans, vegan-curious and non-vegans rely on to turn meat dishes into even better-tasting plant-based versions. She has been internationally recognized, with her latest interview on She is currently shuttling between Hayward, California and Manila, Philippines keeping all of us grounded in our vegan mission. 


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Please describe the compassionate work that you do, and who your audience is.

I am an online content creator who focuses mainly on sharing vegan Filipino food & recipes. I share content for Filipinos who are either interested in the vegan lifestyle or those who miss their Filipino home-cooked meals.

How did you get into this field of study/work? Did you always want to do this when you were younger?


I got into this field because I love being creative, public speaking, and I love to share my own Filipino culture with others. When I went vegan and learned that it's possible to enjoy vegan Filipino food, I combined all my interests that led me to where I am today. The other reason I got into the field I’m in is because I am passionate about promoting a kinder and more compassionate way of life.


What do you like about creating vegan food content, and what do your clients/audience say about your offerings? Did they always know that this kind of content is available, or was it hard to find?

I like that I get to express the three passions that I have which is being creative, public speaking, and sharing my own culture. My clients can easily find me because I'm very active on social media so they usually reach out to me there.

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What does “Divine Feminine Energy” mean to you? Who has this energy? Do men have this, too?


Honestly, I am new to the concept. When I hear it, I think it's the strength of being kind, truthful, and compassionate. I think everyone is capable of these strengths.

What is the Divine Feminine Energy’s role in this day and age? What do humans need to do to honor this energy among us?

When it comes to social media, we tend to judge people quickly without knowing the whole story. Sometimes, we just read the headlines and just read or watch only things that we agree on and things that don't challenge our way of thinking. Because of this, we tend to be more antagonistic. I think the first step is to pause and take the time to be more mindful and be aware of our thoughts and actions. We need to take the time to be silent and still to catch our intentions.

How do you think a vegan lifestyle affects our energies as humans?


My vegan lifestyle has both grounded me and made me feel more alive. There's calmness and stillness as well as enthusiasm for life.

What do you think are the biggest barriers to entering a vegan mindset?

Not having enough self-awareness can be a biggest barrier. We humans love instant gratification and short-term solutions. Unfortunately, these two can prevent us from doing the right thing. If we just take a moment, pause, and catch our habits, then we will be able to understand ourselves better. We could make better choices and be more intentional with our decisions.

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RG demonstrating a recipe in one of her Youtube videos.

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RG's world-famous vegan sisig recipe.

What can people do to get started on a vegan lifestyle?

We have so many resources now at our fingertips. You can watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, and read articles about veganism. It is also a big help when you follow people on social media that you look up to and resonate with you. You could also explore your neighborhood and learn where to get vegan staples. Lastly, I highly suggest practicing meditation or at least take the time to pause and be present so you can check in with yourself and your thoughts to gain insights from it.

What does Conscious Business mean to you, and what does it look like?


For me, it means doing business without exploiting anyone or anything. It means having the integrity to do the right thing even if no one is looking. It means not basing your choices on whether it's legal or not, but whether it's ethical or not.

What do you think are the top 3-5 things that one should consider when building their own conscious business, especially in the vegan space? Feel free to separate this into tips for men and women, or share a general approach to all.


First, know what you can and want to offer. Don't pursue something just because it's lucrative. It should be a burning desire to do something that you believe you can uniquely deliver. Second, get to know who your clients or customers would be. Build and earn their trust by developing a relationship with them and consistently providing a solution to their problem. Third, make sure that your business does not try to hurt, cheat, or exploit just for monetary gains. Purpose, and not greed, will lead you to a fulfilling life. Although profit is necessary to be sustainable and to stay afloat, passion should be the main driver of the business.

What would you like to say to our audience when it comes to using veganism to tap into the Divine Feminine Energy, to help heal themselves, their relationships and the world?


When we don't consume products of violence and exploitation such as products of animal agriculture, we tend to become more at peace with ourselves. We will also feel more connected with everything around us, hence making us feel more empowered. We will realize that we do have a voice and our voice matters in shaping the world.

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RG doing a cooking demo at the 2019 VegFest Pilipinas.

Another best-selling recipe by RG is spaghetti with rice.

All images courtesy of RG Eniquez-Diez.

We are grateful for this time spent interviewing RG. Follow her work at her links below. 

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