I am Jean, and it is my honor to share my journey into silence. 

Since childhood, I had bouts of dizzy spells, and would pass out after minutes of hyperventilation, anywhere the episode would happen.

I became a young mother, only to have my beloved baby boy be taken away by his destiny, three days after giving birth.

When I became a mother a second time around,  strolling in malls with my toddler, I would continue to pass out in public. 

When my cerebral palsy brother, Wowenz, passed on in 2012, my world was shattered. To pieces. I lost all faculties of understanding my existence. All logic disappeared. Even love almost disappeared. 

I found yoga after years of self-work. Yoga led me to veganism. Veganism led me to meditation. Meditation led me to silence. Silence led me to understanding. 

In Silence, I began experiencing lightness, seeing truth, feeling genuine love, living in the present moment. 

I no longer pass out. 

Now, I pass love even more unconditionally.


It is my goal to show true love to the world.

In Silence. 


I will hold your hand.  


Manila, Philippines

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