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In Silence is a media publishing & conversational AI platform that provides tools and resources to help people build a holistic wellness practice and upgrade their professional skills through an integrated approach to yoga, meditation, high-vibration food, and conscious consumption of technology.


We are here to provide you with personal & professional development guidance and mentorship through our accessible library and conversational AI assistant that we are building.

Our goal is to simplify and bring into the mainstream ancient knowledge of classical yoga and big, modern technology of AI and Data Science, so you can develop a holistic wellness practice that allows you to upgrade your technological skills and catch up in this age of break-neck speed of digital transformation, while reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Our mission is to help you live happier and earn better by designing the life you want, doing the work you love, that accelerates your growth in all aspects of your life. All while helping improve the state of the climate around the world. 


This work starts with you.

Marrying spirituality & technology to help people upgrade the quality of their life.

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We are building your Conversational AI Guide 

We love our human-ness and value our essence. That's why we think that in times of rapid, global transformation, we need to drop the routine tasks and spend our precious time doing the things we love most. We also want to bring value to you as you spend time in this platform, by giving you the most efficient guidance and mentorship. With this in mind, we are building an AI-powered, ethical, virtual assistant that can provide you essential conversations to augment lives. They are being built with the goal of helping many humans in a short span of time.

Our human team is always going to be here, making sure our virtual assistant is serving from a place of ethical principles. This is apart from building the library of resources, designing training programs and workshops for our overall personal and professional growth and evolution.

Marrying Ancient Knowledge
+ Future-Forward Technology

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In Silence is a safe, virtual space to learn and practice conscious living through the merging of ancient knowledge and big technology. The aim is to use concepts, teaching, and tools from both worlds to help you build your own personal holistic wellness practice, leading to a sovereign, meaningful life that you love. We want to fix the problem of the fragmented approach to life that we got accustomed to. 

We want to do all these while helping the Earth breathe better, for the future. 

We believe that life should not feel heavy, and the different areas of it should not be separate, instead, should be whole. 

We're sharing our 360-degree approach to achieve living a life that expresses your highest potential by producing free and paid personal and professional development content, programs, and curated resources. 

Ancient Knowledge: Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other healing modalities. 

Big Technology: Internet of Things (IoT), SEO, Future of Work, AI.

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