Live Consciously

In Silence

is a safe space where you can learn and practice living consciously through meditation, yoga, high-vibration food, energy work and thoughtful consumption of technology.


We are here to provide you with  practical tools and resources to cultivate balance, calm and presence towards a healthy mind, body and livelihood. 


It is no accident that you found In Silence. You have been yearning for this, and you were led here. We have been waiting, and glad you're here now. 

You have seen in your mind, felt in your heart and heard the music. While we awaited your coming, you have been preparing.

Have some tea, In Silence. 

Having tea, In Silence, we find safe space for energetic, digital and physical gathering of hearts, minds and souls.

In Silence, an evolving communion of universal love from souls arise.

In Silence, a compassionate revolution for mindful living strikes.

In Silence, we awaken in this era of covered up truths, sugar-coated lies, and muffled distortion of what is real.

In Silence, our authentic Self is re-introduced. 

In Silence, we are equanimous, loving and high-vibrational.

In Silence, we stay awake, wide awake.

Awakened to the truth that we are all connected. Awakened to the truth that the very things that we do unto others, are received energetically by ourselves first and foremost. 

Awakened to the truth that Mother Earth provides us with all that we ever need.

Awakened to the truth that everything that we are looking for is right inside of us. 

We've been expecting you. 

You are the Universe.

Did you know that all of the elements on earth is in you? You are made of all the earthy, watery, fiery, airy and spacey things you have come to know about in life. All those that are natural, beautifully thriving living being that creates and sustains life. You need not change a single part of you, save for your higher evolution. This is why your affiliation with these 5 powerful things is unbreakable. Your self yearns for them and you get recharged each time you connect with them. Ponder on this amazing truth for a little and remember. The world breathes for you when you’re asleep.

The entire universe is inside of you.

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