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July 27, 2021 | 8-minute read

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In this second segment of our 3-part series of conversations, we continue to honor the divine feminine energy that circulates all of existence. The feminine body, the womb, the nurturing and creative essence of the Mother, the Woman, the Shakti. We aim to gather wisdom from conscious women to inspire people to start their own conscious project or business in the fields of technology or spirituality (or both).


Dona's work in the Womb Space, Embodiment, Energy Management in the workplace, and Women’s Well-being is palpable in all of her presence - physically and virtually. She has an infectious energy that shines through her dance sessions at yoga festivals, talks, and events.

She holds regular webinars and shares essential educational pieces and resources on womb health and energy work. She weaves a mala of global sisterhood through every content she shares.

We are excited to share with you our conversation with Dona below.

Please describe the magical work that you do, and who your audience is.

My purpose is to become more of who I am. To live and love fully, fiercely, and unapologetically. Through my Presence, I hope to inspire others to do the same. This begins with my daughter, Carmen. Inherent in this process of my full becoming, I help other women and men do the same. 

There are three strands that I braid together to bring forth my original medicine - Embodiment, Energy Management in the workplace, and Women’s Well-being. 

The portal through this full blossoming is the body. For women, this means embodying our Female Energy Cycles - from conception to death, our moon cycles, and the smaller cycles within our daily lives. When we are in rhythm with our nature, we can experience ease in walking through life aligned with our Soul’s purpose.

How did you get into this field of study/work? Did you always want to do this when you were younger?


It started in 1999 when the Spirit of Dance enlivened each cell of my body after an earthquake in December. I didn’t have the words to describe it then. I just followed Her flow. This led me to the yoga lineage of Angela Farmer who has become my Elder and mentor in this process of unfolding. Getting in touch with my Wise Womb and giving voice to our collective Womb Wisdom came much later in 2012 when I started paying attention to my inner moon cycle (our menstrual cycle) and sharing my learnings through being mindful of my flow and tracking myself as I go through my monthly phases.


It became very clear that this is part of my Soul work. I simply decided to walk through it and the path was made more visible as I went on. The knowledge and opportunity to study with mentors and Elders, and observe nature and her cycles continuously appear on my path to guide me in transforming knowledge into Wisdom lived through my body.



What do you like about your work in this space?

I feel very blessed to be doing what I am truly passionate about, both for workplace energy management and for women who are seeking to connect with their Wombs. I believe that more people would want to seek a deeper connection to their purpose and find a way to fully embody this in their daily lives. 


I started facilitating breathwork, meditation, and movement as a form of stress management back in 2003 when this was unheard of in the corporate setting in the Philippines. Human beings are meaning makers. We can connect with our purpose and our meaning. It is not something outside of us. It is within us. 


I provide opportunities for people to uncover this within themselves. Fortunately, I also have an MBA and I keep myself abreast with growth and development trends in the workplace. This allows me to weave spirituality in the workplace in a practical, non-woowoo way. I am constantly surprised at the feedback of people who attended my workshops or who have done one on one sessions with me. Sometimes we don’t know what seed has been planted until they are given time to grow.

What does “Divine Feminine Energy” mean to you? Who has this energy? Do men have this, too?


The Feminine Energy is an aspect of life’s unfolding. There are many words to describe this aspect that allows us to reflect on it without the gender association. The Feminine Energy is also Shakti. It is the Yin principle of life. This energy speaks of a wild, almost undifferentiated primal creative life force. It is the capacity for receptivity, magnetism, nurturing, rest, recovery, a deep consolidation of energy, embracing the mystery of the unknown. 


Regardless of gender, us humans have both the yin and the yang. The feminine and the masculine. The magnetic and the dynamic aspect. I’m also discovering that certain characteristics that are traditionally ascribed to the feminine or masculine, like feminine--nurturing or masculine--control for example, also have a feminine and masculine expression.


What is Divine Feminine Energy’s role in this day and age? What do humans need to do to honor this energy among us?


The deep feminine energy is present in all processes and can inform our daily lives. If we really observe nature, she comes in cycles. For those born with Wombs, we go through very similar cycles during our moon cycle. To honor this energy, we can start by being mindful of our flow and track ourselves as we go through our moon cycle.


Let this external awareness bring us back into our inner seasons and our female energy cycles. Through this, we can call on the power of our own phases and seasons to reflect our life choices. What we eat, how we move, the amount of rest we need, where we direct our energy towards, what conversations to engage with, which creative endeavors to focus on, when to present our ideas, and when to put them into action.

This is what I mean by Leadership grounded in the Deep Feminine. From this ground, we grow and invite the dynamic masculine energy to take action and bring expression to this creative feminine life force. Our inner moon phases also let us know if something is off. The challenges that we experience during our period including PMS, irregularity, mood swings, anovulation are all information. That is our body’s way of speaking to us. I feel that my role is merely a translator until such time you learn the language of your body. This is Spirituality made practical.

We know a lot of people who are not familiar with the Divine Feminine Energy concept. What do you think are the reasons why this is so?


Our world in the past few millennia, has been ruled by a bias towards action and productivity, attributes that are considered more masculine in nature. Nobody is paid to rest even though we know that rest and recovery is part of sustainability. 


Our Great Mother, our Earth, has felt the effects of this lopsided preference as well as our bodies. Our reproductive well-being, whether or not you wish to have babies, is compromised by the stress we take so that we can do more with the false promise that if we do more, we can be more. 


The feminine energy cycles of the Earth Herself which is reflected in our own Wise Wombs, show us that there are seasons for proliferation, maturation, harvest, rest, and continuity. This is very palpable during our menstruating years. She is rising. Of that, I am certain. 


When we realize that we can have faith in these cycles, we can allow for the innate abundance of nature to keep balance and harmony. We can respect her cycles because they are regenerative for our bodies and for our planet.

What can we do to change this?

Embody it. This is about embracing our body’s cycles and truly honoring the cyclical nature of our planet in our everyday choices. Contemplate on how we can integrate both the feminine and the masculine principles, the yin and the yang. Sometimes we need more yin, sometimes we need more yang. It’s about being aware of the present moment and truly meeting it where it’s at so we can respond in an appropriate and responsible way.


What does Conscious Business mean to you, and what does it look like?


Thank you for opening the conversation for this. I love this question. I am currently part of a team that is facilitating a program for Business Leaders called Leading with Compassion and Spirituality. In this program, business leaders get the opportunity to learn directly and interact with our Indigenous Wisdom Keepers in both Learning Circles and Talking Circles.


The main intention of the program is to inspire a shift in consciousness so that, from this place of wholeness, we can truly lead and drive our business towards a more thrivable and flourishing future for all beings and our Mother Earth. 

This is what makes businesses Conscious. When the people running an organization have an internal shift, then the outer expression of their organizations also changes. If we want more conscious products and services, it’s not just about choosing a trendy concept to support. When we change consciousness, the businesses that are born from this - products, services, ways of working, work environment, work-life integration - will inevitably shift as well.

What do you think are the top 3-5 things that one should consider when building their own conscious business? Feel free to separate this into tips for men and women, or share a general approach to all.


Invest in inner work. There is no working around this one if you truly want to create a conscious business. Expand your self-awareness and your awareness of the world around you will expand as well. 


Clarify your Vision. Vision is not a plan or a goal. It is a possibility that attracts us towards it. When the Vision is clear, knowing how to step into your Power will follow suit. 

Walk the path to make it visible. Trust that you have the support. Ask and you shall receive the opportunities to gain what you need in your walk through life which is not separate from our work.

What would you like to say to our audience when it comes to tapping into the Divine Feminine Energy, to help heal themselves, their relationships, and the world?


Start with tracking yourself as you go through your moon cycles. Be mindful of your flow. Expand your awareness of your female energetic imprints. The simple practice of cycle awareness can help us discover areas that need healing. When I came home to my body, my relationship with our planet and all that is in it shifted as well. I found my place in this circle of life, I felt ready and gained the courage to take leadership of my own Self as a true custodian, partner, and inhabitant of this Earth we live in, one small step at a time, a work-in-progress.

We aim to plant seeds of Conscious Living in the world. What is your personal definition of Conscious Living, and what does it look like?


Conscious Living is living with an expanded awareness of Self and the world around us. With this, we can make our everyday choices, whether big or small--that reflect this awareness. 

Our choices also inform consciousness which then gets formed once again into our manifest reality. It’s a toroidal flow. Conscious living for me is being in that flow. Being in alignment with my soul purpose and the good of the whole.

Any other message/notes for the audience that you would like to share.


Deep gratitude to you all and to all my mentors and Elders especially Angela Farmer, Anneloes Smitsman, Angeles Arrien, Joan Henry, Phil Lane, Jr, Dianne Longboat, and Carol Cano.


I offer a prayer for all of us, through my work. Share your prayer with me if you wish, and I will offer it as well in the best way I can. Salamat. Bahala Na.

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Our sincerest gratitude to Dona for taking the time out to share her story and gifts with us. 

Connect with her through the links above. 

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