Clubhouse App Democratizing People’s Voices

by Jean Alfonso-Decena on February 25, 2021

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Three weeks into joining the super-hyped app, I find myself connecting with long-term industry acquaintances, new-found friends, and experts in various fields. I’ve made connections with folks I’m meeting for the first time, admiring their gift of gab and learning from their experiences.


I joined Clubhouse in early February of 2021 to get on with the Conversational AI conversations that my LinkedIn network had been promoting. I wanted to be a part of what seemed like a podcast banter. I didn’t know that I was going to develop a fondness for the app.


First off, their website is simple, straightforward. I didn’t even check this aspect of their business until today, as I write this. I wanted to see how they’re presenting themselves, although there are numerous articles written about the service since Elon engaged in a conversation with another controversial CEO Vlad Tenev (of Robinhood). It was enough to cause a stampede, so to speak. Downloading the app is super easy, and signing up is a breeze. I had a couple of invites to get in, as it is currently invite-only for iOS users, so hopping on wasn’t a problem. There was a slight confusion in navigating the invitations I received for having signed up where I inadvertently gave away my invitations to folks who did not even know what Clubhouse was. That’s on me. 


The audio-based experience is much like a mash-up of a podcast + industry conference + eavesdropping on someone else’s conversations about specific topics. It’s like MIRC with a voice (Gen Z’ers, look up “MIRC”). The beauty of it is anyone and everyone can go up on stage and speak through questions they have, or contribute their thoughts on a given topic. If the room’s moderators or other speakers don’t hog the microphone, your voice can be heard. Otherwise, prepare for “battle” as there are many folks who blabber forever about their “expertise”. 


Anyone can join any room of their choice, labeled by topic by the room creators. Various rooms show up based on the users’ interests that they pick when they sign up. Users can then choose to stay in the audience or raise their virtual hand to go on stage to ask a question or share their thoughts. A lot of public speaking is involved. 


The rooms’ moderators may choose to assign you as moderator at any given time, while on stage, probably based on your contribution. In the same token, you can be sent back to the audience whenever they choose.  


The one thing I’d change about it is that any speaker can monopolize the conversation if the moderators are not brave or outspoken enough to call out the person. Whenever this happens, the conversation is lost and the interaction then becomes a monologue-podcast centered on one person’s thoughts and experiences. 

Despite this, I like Clubhouse. As an early adopter, I can see great potential for this fresh app and I’m willing to go with the ride of its iterations, contributing, learning, and growing with them.  I like it so much that I had been spending a substantial amount of time speaking on stage, moderating rooms, and promoting it on my social media. As an advocate for getting the underrepresented voices heard, Clubhouse provides an enormous avenue for all kinds of voices. While there’s a gap in representation for women, conscious living, and the Philippine demographic, this is slowly changing as more folks are getting in and speaking up.


In my 3 weeks of being on it, I found folks who resonate with In Silences’ mission to marry ancient knowledge and big technology. This is super exciting and while the spiritual technology space is new, it's gaining ground.


I look forward to getting the In Silence club launched, and host rooms on Spiritual Technology to hold safe conversations for you all.

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