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Build your personal toolkit for your holistic personal and professional growth through these on-demand, 1-hour recorded classes.

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Introduction to Meditation

Provides a high-level understanding of what meditation is and how it is practiced in it's most basic, practical, day-to-day application.

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Anxiety First Aid Kit

Quick tools to get you out of your head and bring you back into your body, releasing anxiety attacks, wherever you are. 

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Integrating Life & Work

Debunks work-life balance and introduces the concept of a fully-embodied life & work integration so you'll never have to feel like two different persons in two aspects of your life.

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How to Use Tech to Manage Fear & Stress

Functional ways to use technology for you, empowering you to feel good and know useful information.

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Sound Healing at Home

Set up your own personal sound healing space in the comfort of your home.

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The Dance of Yoga & Technology

Find the intersection between an ancient philosophy & modern technology.

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Stay tuned for more recorded classes on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Shadow Work, Mirror Work, Conscious Business-Building, and more.

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